I often hear from parents that have either taken their kid to a yoga class or are contemplating  taking their child to a yoga class the very same things.  It tends to go something like…“I took Owen. He was the only kid not listening and running around the room!” Or from the parent who has heard of kid’s yoga laughing “Right, I’d like to try and see you keep Sarah still on a mat.” Or from the parent of a child with special needs or different learning styles “There is no way my kid will follow along or be on a mat!” I can assure you that  many parents seem to feel the same way, so know you are not alone.

Somehow, there is this idea that your kid should look like this:

When is reality your kid may look like this:

And this can’t be yoga. Right?!  I guess it depends on your definition or interpretation of yoga.   In its most liberal interpretation, yoga is movement of the body with breathe; embracing the mind-body connection.  I invite you to throw away the adult version of what you think yoga is and embrace the freedom, fun, loving spirit of movement  that connects the mind and body. This is what #baguskids is all about. Creating that fun spirit for all kids, both on and off the mat.  Yoga can be silly as much as it can be calming, can be as loud as much as it can be quiet, it can be filled with movement as much as offer moments of stillness. Which brings me to the importance of the mat.

Here are just a few benefits of having a child-sized mat:

  • Invites your child to explore a fun, free, and calming experience
  • Creates a defined positive space for these experiences
  • Increases spatial awareness and body awareness within an accurate proportion
  • Is a visual, tactile representation for the experience
  • Provides a place that can be shared with friends
  • Provides a defined space just for them
  • Promotes learning language concepts ( i.e. step to the front of mat)

Check out these articles on how having a defined space is beneficial for your child:

Even if your child is running around the room, and being silly, don’t worry. Perhaps they are on the mat for one minute and feel a sense of peace, breathe, calmness, or perhaps they come into a fun pose on that mat that they remember and can share, or feel connected to their peers around them. In all of this, the mat is creating a positive space for them that either can be shared with friends or can be their very own. And those moments, while maybe seemingly fleeting to an adult can be so much more in the world of a child.

Try to embrace the moments your child is on the mat that is sized for them and allow for it to be a safe happy calming place. A place that is all theirs for the moments they step foot onto it.  Allow time and space for true learning to happen.  And remember above all else, have some fun!

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Katrina Maxwell
Creative Founder- Bagus LLC
Speech Language Pathologist
Certified Kid’s Yoga Instructor

Bagus /bagoos/- Indonesian word for something that is fantastic and cool at the same time