Sharkbite Surfboard Blue Mat


Our Blue signature 'Shark Bite' Bagŭs Kids Yoga Mat.

Length 52 inches – Width 23.5 inches. Black Velcro strap included.

This Bagus Yoga eco-mat is non-toxic, free of chlorides and latex free. It is Recyclable and Reusable, made of a lightweight material with superior-grip in wet and dry climates, and are simple to clean.

• 6 mm thick for extra cushion for kids
• Superior grip
• Lightweight – 30% lighter than other materials
• Water repellent
• Non-toxic
• Recyclable
• PVC –Free
• Latex Free

Care Instructions:
This TPE material has initially an odor that will dissipate quickly. So don’t worry if smells a little funny at first. To clean the mat simply take damp soft cloth and wipe off dirt. TPE material cleans easily.

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All of our mats are made of 100% TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) composite material. Unlike the PCV mats that are currently on the market, TPE is non-toxic, chlorides-free, and latex free. They feature high elasticity and resilience, and are water-repellent and cold-resistant.

Age and height chart: Height chart approximations based on US percentile averages for age for

50th %tile – 7 yr. old – 48 inches
50th %tile – 8 yr. old – 51 inches
90th %tile – 7 yr. old – 50 inches
90th %tile – 8 yr. old – 53 inches