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Language, Movement, and Fun!

Yet Another Reason Yoga is Good for Kids There have been many recent articles about the overall benefits of yoga for children. Benefits from yoga include learning mindfulness, reducing stress, increasing balance, flexibility, strength, focus, and connection. We are...

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“Bagus Kids” – The Back Story

At 18 years old,  I volunteered in an orphanage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. That experience forever changed my view of the world, life, and the resiliency of the human spirit. To this day, I am still humbled by that experience.  In the orphanage, many  of the kids...

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“Get back here!” My kid won’t stay on the mat

I often hear from parents that have either taken their kid to a yoga class or are contemplating  taking their child to a yoga class the very same things.  It tends to go something like...“I took Owen. He was the only kid not listening and running around the room!” Or...

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